Repairs and Upgrades

Computer Repair Technician servicing a computer
Repairing a Computer

If you are having computer or laptop performance issues that seem out of the ordinary, you need to get your computer to a professional immediately before the inevitable happens and all of your files, pictures and music is lost. It could be a hardware (computer component, i.e. memory module, hard drive, etc...) ready to fail that could lead to the loss of all your data (pictures, documents, movies, music) if you haven't properly backed up your files lately.

Need a new video card? While we are not a retail outlet, we try to offer our customers a fair price that is competitive to what the big box stores may offer, however, we cannot beat them at their super sale prices due to the lack of stock in our non-retail location. We will try to provide you with quality components, software and accessories with customer service that is second to none.

A screen is cracked, a laptop jack is wobbly, a hard drive has failed, with Computing Momentum, you can get your computer, laptop or other device professionally repaired, upgraded or replaced as needed and in most cases be repaired by the same or next day. Specialty and some new components will have to be ordered to repair your system. All work is completed at a reasonable price that doesn't break the bank.

Contact us today before it's too late for your computer files!

If your computer seems slow or you are having a lot of "pop-up" windows, you may be experiencing virus activity or a junk-ware / malware application that makes your computer impossible to work with.

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