Virus Recovery and Removal

About Computer Viruses

virus eating a warning sign
32% of computers around the world are infected with viruses and malware, according to Panda Security in 2012

Computer viruses, malware and junkware can be found everywhere today and can even be caught by visiting your favourite website if it has been hacked. Even if you think "There is nothing on my computer that a hacker wants" this is not the case. Hackers are not always trying to get at your personal information (but I am sure they would love to find it) but rather your computer's processing power. After infecting your computer with a trojan horse, a hacker can use it by remote control to do their own bidding reducing your computer's system resources to a crawl when you want to use it. There is a lot of software out there known as junk-ware that will slow your computer down that is not treated the same as a virus because of the behaviour it presents. Sometimes you can get a fake antivirus program popping up on your desktop screen that looks valid, but when you follow the instructions that it presents to you it will try to install other malware or viruses into your system or simply just try to pilfer your wallet!.

Removal and Recovery Process

While the removal of some computer viruses cannot be done (i.e. the cryptolocker virus), at Computing Momentum, we will try to recover your computer to the state it was before your computer was infected in a non-destructive manner. This means your computer will be exactly how it was when you brought it into the office (without the rogue malware or viruses of course). If the virus is beyond safe removal from your system, we will try to save your data files, email, pictures and music if possible and factory reset your computer to ensure the destruction and removal of the virus. If this option is selected, extra fees may be incurred to install your previous software to get the computer back to where it was.

We can then provide you with an Internet security product of your choice to help reduce the chance of ever getting a viruse or malware again.

Contact us to have that computer virus and malware professionally removed from your system!